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Winter Wedding Photography Offers:
Free album, Wifi Android tablet photo viewer, extended reportage + more
For wedding couples choosing to hold their wedding during the winter months (November through until the end of February) I offer a 'winter wedding' special offer.

You can receive a
£100 discount or large wedding photography package enhancement
( i.e. 2 complete set of prints of all the photos featuring on the wedding gallery, a wifi tablet or a pair of hardback parent copies of their wedding book!)

See for more information

Winter Wedding Photographer Promotion

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Winter Wedding Photography:

Weddings in winter can have their own charm - cosy, atmospheric fireside receptions, in a manor house (with out concern or consideration for the gardens or grounds - often one of the main factors when organising a summer wedding event!) instead sipping mulled wine, with the scent of pine and rich winter colours…

Wedding in Winter are rising in popularity, many wedding couples are opting for winter weddings noting the unreliability of planning the "summer" weddings. Others are seduced by the often substantial discounts for wedding venues that are offered 'off season' October - March weddings. Honeymoons are cheaper departing in January, couples arrive in Asia at the most favourable and stable season (with substantial savings too!)

The only downside to a winter wedding is the short days and loss of sunlight as early as 4pm

For a professional and experienced photographer winter weddings needn't be a problem.

A professional wedding photographer will have fast, sharp low light lenses to utilise what light there is available. These will cost in excess of £1800 for a fast sharp image stabilised professional telephoto lens.

Wedding in winter needn't be a challenge! (if you know what your doing that is) Wedding pictures can be caught capturing the colours and ambience of your wedding using professional ultra sensitive photographic equipment. A Competent photographer will have the exercise and experience of using multiple flashes in order to capture and freeze the vital wedding moments.

The festivities and celebrations are the amongst the most enjoyed of wedding couples photos (when caught correctly) This is when professional photographic equipment and experienced and skilled photographer is essential!

Winter wedding promotions are listed on my wedding photography promotions pages on

Currently there is a 2014 Wedding Photography Promotion for all Winter Weddings Booked in 2014 - for a FREE Wedding Album and Prints.
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Professional Cameras

I use 2 of the latest Canon 5DIII.
Famed for their super sensitivity and brilliance in low light.

Operating with super sensitive sensors these professional cameras can utilise any available light. -
Ideal for using candle light and flash free photography.

Quality and Capability don't come cheap - one camera, one lens and a flash cost over £5000 each
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Professional Lenses

I use super sharp professional lenses - the finest in their class. Selected for their ability to work in low light - with large bright optics and razor sharp imaging - capable of focussing in lower light conditions - all too prevalent in winter wedding situations.

My professional camera bag is ideally equipped for low light and weddings in winter:
My favourite lenses in my collection (are:

  • Voightlander 17.5mm F0.95
  • Carl Zeiss OTUS 55mm f1.4
  • Canon 50mm L f1.2
  • Canon 85mm L f1.2
  • Canon 70 - 200mm IS L F2.8
  • Sigma 120 - 300mm f2.8

These photographic lenses are capable of operating in exceptionally low and compromised lighting conditions that are typical of a wedding wedding.
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Flash Guns

I use a fantastically competent system of wireless flash guns
I use 3 Top-of-The-Range Canon 600EX RT flash guns
(retailing at over £600 each they are very impressive and capable!)

I also have a camera bag packed with 5 additional Canon TTL wireless flashguns with remote wireless triggers (for outdoor use and abuse)

I invest in what is needed and spare no expense on the tools of my trade. One flash gun is as lame as a cup cake for a wedding cake! For 1 flash gun and paint only a pol of light over a several meter area, whilst 3 or 4 can illuminate an entire dance floor (and 8 wireless flash guns can reveal an entire tithe barn from the rafters up high to the delighted faces of the guests bellow)

I am confident is capable of illuminating ANY venue in any weather or lighting condition at any time of the year - notably in Winter Weddings when other photographers shy away and lesser equipment falls short or even fails at delivering sharp focussed and bright captured wedding memories! .

A Professional wedding photographers equipment will be capable of capturing photos in any light - be it a group shot outside Berkely Castle on the dark evening, a portrait on SS Great Britain with the dark wood backdrop of the ship, illuminating the entire interior of the watermill at Priston Mill or capturing the wooded beams in the vaulted ceiling at Wick Farm Barn.
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Winter Weddings have their own charm and appeal.
With a nice warm shoulder stow - the bride needn't be cold, the atmosphere as warm and cosy as any wedding event. Also with appropriate photography equipment (yes this might set a professional photographer back in excess of £14,000) your winter wedding will not be a problem!

With the right choice of wedding photographer your winter wedding photography will be safe 'in are hands'!

It is worth checking with wedding photographers when you meet them to discus if they can assist you before you book them, what equipment that have, and their technical expertise to be able to undertake a wedding in winter and competently cover your own precious wedding!

Winter Weddings
£100 - £200 Discounts & Promotional Upgrades

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£100 - £200 Discounts & Promotional Upgrades

Weekday Weddings
£100 - £200 Discounts & Promotional Upgrades

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