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Wedding photographer testimonials. Letters and emails from Wedding couples - comments and compliments for my wedding photography services.

Wedding photography testimonials, reviews, recommendations and professional wedding photographer endorsements for Dominic Kerridge Wedding photography.
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Wedding Photographer Testimonials & Thank You's

"Thanks ever so much for the pics, we absolutely love them!"
B.F (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: The Guildhall - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"Just to let you know we received the CD's and USB's of the wedding photos this morning...thank you a million times....

THEY ARE FAB!  Thank you so much - you really have captured the different stages of the day"
D.H. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Victoria Hall - Saltaire
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photography
"We are indeed enjoying the pictures!! It has been a pleasure to have you at our wedding, everybody has been complimenting you and your pictures!

They are indeed Spectacular
S.D. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: San Giusto Cathedral - Italy
Dominic Kerridge international Wedding Photographer
"I just wanted to tell u that you were a star for us and that you did an absolutely great job!

I feel that you are a real friend even though we have known you for such a short period of time.
You so helped to make our day everything we hoped it would be and for that we cannot thank you enough.
H.M. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: The Guildhall - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"Thanks for your email. I've been so excited to see the photos and we're really pleased with them."
C.H. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Orchardleigh House - Frome
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Frome
"I love the photos! Thank you!"

K.B. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: Priston Mill - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"I know that ive said thank you a million times, but.... a heart felt THANK YOU from my husband and i :-) !!!

We received the books and everyone is pleased with the work, in fact father-in-law was almost requesting that you do an annual calendar

Thanks again Dominic!. EXCELLENT WORK!
E.I. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Langham Hotel - London
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in London
"They are amazing- we just had our first of many look through!

We Love the reflections in the water and the mirrors - you really caught all the details :D

Thank you!"

E.O. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: Rivervale Barn - Yately
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Surrey
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"I just wanted to say a massive Thank you! We had a wonderful day and your photos are fabulous.

Once again thank you so much"
J.V-B. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Berkeley Castle - Berkeley
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Berkely
"We’ve got a lot of feedback from friends and family how beautiful your photos are. We certainly love them and will treasure them for the rest of our life!

 I also enjoyed the way how you interacted and directed us and the guests. It was a pleasure to have you there and I hope you enjoyed the day as well.

 So thank you very much for your really outstanding work"

E.G. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: Leigh Park Country House - Bradford On Avon
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bradford On Avon
"We wanted to say again how truly fantastic you were at our wedding. We could not have wished for a better photographer / co-ordinator / all round great influence on our day - thank you so much!

We can't believe how calm you remained amid all the chaos and how you managed to capture so much of what had flashed past us in an instant.

Countless guests also have made a point of telling us how brilliant you are (hopefully including some potential clients!) "

L.N. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: The Manor House - Castle Combe
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Castle Combe
"I probably have watched the first gallery 25 times.  And then I told people about it and watched it with them.  We just got back from honeymoon and have been on wedding 'let down' and I have been obsessed with reliving everything. 

I am just amazed at the moments that you have caught.  I wanted to write this e-mail before I saw the next set as it could be days before I stop going through it for long enough to write semi-complete sentences.

Also, our friends loved you and all say hey :). Thanks for everything and being a super fun part of our day!

C.M. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: The Roman Baths - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
Everyone who's seen them have said what stunning photo's we have. The word has been spread via facebook for our American family and I'm sure we'll be hearing great things from them shortly.

Cheryl and I would like to thank you once again for helping make our day so special and providing us with outstanding pictures to relive each moment whenever we chose.

The happy couple,

I. M. (Groom) -
Wedding Photography: The Roman Baths - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"Thank you we really have enjoyed the galleries, we are both so pleased some really beautiful photos that for me have really captured the day.

Some great ones of Erin that I can't wait to tease her about in the years to come!"

E.L. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: The Roman Baths - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"You did a fantastic job on Saturday! We would def be recommending you to our friends and family getting married in the Uk! :-)"

C. I. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Langham Hotel - London
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in London
"Got your text and just had to find a computer!! They all look fabulous, we can't wait to see the others - choosing a few for the album is going to be a nightmare!!!!!
Thank you so much. You really made the day feel special and we're really glad that we chose you to be our photographer."

R.E. (Groom) -
Wedding Photography: The Royal Crescent - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"There are lovely photos...................THANK U SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
We are so happy as you did a really lovely job!

R.C (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: The Old Mill - Bathampton
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"I cannot begin to thank you enough for all your hard work and boundless enthusiasm on Friday.
You were a pleasure to have with us every step of the way and I've lost count of the number of guests who have told me how brilliant they thought you were"
C. H. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Coombe Lodge - Blagdon
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Blagdon
"Hi Dominic, we just wanted to say a massive thank you for photographing our wedding, we couldn't have asked for anything better. Not only are the photographs you have taken breathtakingly wonderful, you were a pleasure to have as a guest at our wedding.

When choosing our photographer we decided that the most important thing to us was that we liked them and we found you to be a friendly, funny and genuine person whose passion and enthusiasm for our wedding and our locations matched ours. You made us feel like ours was the most important wedding that you had, something I'm sure every one of your clients also felt thanks to your amiable manner.

We truly enjoyed our meetings with you and the whole day went so smoothly and the photos really are amazing, they capture our day perfectly.

Everyone commented on how good you were and how wonderful the photos are, the grooms brother is even planning on using you as his photographer next year! We definitely look forward to seeing you again.

We can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us. Thank you again and again."

D.C. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Old Wardor Castle - Salisbury
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Wiltshire
"Just a quick note to let you know that we are both overwhelmed by the photographs you took of our wedding! You have managed to capture so many special moments that we missed and many more that bring back the day as we remember it. The results are a perfect match to our requirement for a combination of some posed and more relaxed, natural shots. I can't wait to look at them all in more detail.

Everyone who has seen the photos so far has been impressed. More than that, we really enjoyed having you with us on the day. All our guests told us that they found you really easy to get along with and that they appreciated the fact that you're not the type of photographer that barks orders! You get the best out of everyone and truly capture the moment, in an obtrusive way. We couldn't have asked for any more.

Seeing our gallery has been the icing on the cake for us. The finale of a wonderful experience. Thank you for capturing the day so brilliantly and for adding a special dimension to our small group. You really did help to make it the best day ever. Many thanks"

E.J. (Bride) - Wedding Photography: Friary Wood - Bath
Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photographer in Bath
"Fantastic photos, you've really captured the essence of the day.
We have received countless compliments about the photo's and not just that but also your friendly approach and professionalism on the day. If you ever need a testimonial, we'd be happy to recommend you to anyone.
I had reservations about spending that amount of money on a photographer but it was money really well spent, you have given us some fantastic lasting memories of the day. "

S. T. (Bride) -
Wedding Photography: Coombe Lodge - Blagdon
Testimony: Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photography in Bath
"OMG!!! They are just fabulous!!!
We've only had a very quick skim for now but mum, are all reporting wonderful things from back home. Can't wait to look at them in more detail.
From a quick glance there are loads where I've said "I didn't know that was taken!" so just perfect. I'm also very intrigued to see the ones on the DVD that you spared from the public gallery!!!

Thank you so much for all your hard work - especially over Easter.."

M. P. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"We've just seen the photos online and we're absolutely over the moon. Absolutely FANTASTIC!

We just want to Thank You so much for everything you've done.
The Pictures are AMAZING!"."


B. D. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Many thanks for the fantastic photographs. They are exactly what we wanted only better!
Everyone commented on how relaxed you were and it wasn't one of those weddings where the photographer took over. I It really felt like we had a friend taking our photographs"

K. P. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Massimo and I have wonderful memories of the wedding day thanks to Dominic ...
all the friends have seen the pictures and they congratulated for the spirit that is missed by the light, the irony ...
compliments that we turn now to our favourite photographer :)

I watched the DVD several times until i perhaps memorized the sequence :) However, every time I remained enchanted ... Dominic was able to capture special moments for everyone and it was as if he knew us for a long time ..
... and then I laughed a lot with some photos and I took the English humor in the photo of Aunt Max with the lamp behind -shaped parrot ( I still laugh when I think ) .

everyone ... everyone raved about ( and I am not exaggerating ) the pictures ! distant friends ... We got phone calls delighted to have been able to " participate " in this way"

K. D. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"The photographs you have emailed us are phenomenal!"

L. M. (Father)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thank you so, so much for the wonderful pictures. Everyone has commented on the excellent quality of the pictures and how they really reflect what happened on the day.
I had to stop myself from blubbering at work on Friday when i looked at them LOL!"

R. G. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"Thank you very much for taking our wedding photographs at our wedding. We're really pleased with them and its been great showing them to friends and family.
So many of our guests have commented on how well you captured the atmosphere of the event and how polite, friendly and efficient you were on the day. We couldn't agree more.
You've done a fantastic job in helping to preserve some very special memories."


F. S. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Just wanted to say once again we are really pleased that we picked you as the wedding photographer!
Its not everyday that someone can capture in every detail a wedding, and you have managed to do that!!"


M. C. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"We are sitting at Gatwick (airport) and have just had our first look at your online pictures. We are overwhelmed - they are fantastic and capture our day perfectly.
Thank you so much, you are extremely talented. We had more comments from our guests about how great you were - no one was uncomfortable having their picture taken at all, which is a huge achievement. I didn't notice you take a lot of them! Thank you again."

L. C. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thank you SO much for the wonderful job you did at our wedding! We hardly noticed you most of the time + when you did get involved you were fantastic + really added to the atmosphere of the day.
The Photos are all amazing - we are really struggling to choose our favourites! Thank you once again."

K. J. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"What can I say...the boy done good!
Back home after fantastic trip and just had a chance to look at all the!

You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo talented !! For saying we were not going to have a photographer you were the best decision that I made apart from my husband and dress of course!

We are absolutely delighted and everyone is singing your praises.Thank you does not seem good enough but ...thank you!

H. M. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"This is amazing!

Everything looks better then we could have possibly imagined with the book."


D. O. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thank you so much for the photos, there are so many! We've ploughed through them but we need to go through them a few times I think and start the mammoth task of selecting which ones we want for the album. They are amazing though, thank you very very much.
And thanks once again for the day in general - you made such an impression on our friends and families, people are still talking about how lovely you are!"

V. D. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - thank you. We had a lovely evening with pizza and Champagne looking through the album and reliving the day.
It looks great, thank you."

S. G. (Bride)
Wedding PhotographyTestimonial
"Everyone who we have seen since our honeymoon has been praising you for doing a great job and saying how great your pictures are - thanks again!"

D.T. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"You have had nothing but glowing reports from everyone, thank you so much for all of your hard work that you have already done, you will definitely be getting recommendations from me if I hear of anyone needing a photographer!.
I hope you had as much fun as we did, thank you so much again!"


C. N. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"We wanted to thank you for providing such an excellent service, everyone commented how lovely you were and completely unobtrusive so no-one felt uncomfortable being 'snapped'
The pictures are fab and we have had lots of fun looking through them, reliving the memories of the day!"


M. L. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Enjoyed having you there! Was nice not to be bossed around by the photographer into formal poses. Love some of the 'accidental' photos
Really glad we chose you and very happy with the photos - thanks again!"

R.B. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic photos.  There are some great ones there and we are really pleased with them all.
We will work on getting our shortlist to you in the next few weeks - it's taking longer than we thought to get our top ones together as they are all so fab!"


S. G. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"Just a quick message to say Thank you so much for Saturday, you were fantastic, making sure the job was done whilst ensuring it was all very stress free and relaxed for us, we really appreciate that.
Thank you for your hard work"


L. W. (Mother Of The Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you thank you thank you for sorting our wedding album so fantastically. It is amazing. We have already been recommending you to friends!"

M. S. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thanks Dominic You have to be the super duper-est photographer ever"

C. E. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"We wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful job you did for our wedding. You were a joy to have around and all the guests thought you were great!
I cant wait to see the album as we loved the pictures so much!"


M. L. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"I couldn't possibly say that we have a favourite, as they are all totally brilliant! 
Thanks so much again - I can't stop looking at the photos.  They are so amazing - you have done us proud! "

C. H. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Our sincere gratitude for all your hard work on the day recording the events. We are just delighted that there are so many excellent images."

J. S. (Father of the Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thank you for everything you have done for us, you really help make the day as well.
People thought you were great, and some people were surprised you caught them in the photo's, which is what I liked about you, you know how to be subtle when you take photo's!"

T. C. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"Hi Dominic. Wonderful photos and a great show. I think you've captured all the emotions and the children's photos are lovely, lots of happy parents! It's a terrific mix of colour and b/w. I'm sure XXX and XXX will be thrilled. Many thanks"

D. G. (Mother of the Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"You were brilliant! Dominic you cannot be praised enough!"

R. B. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"We love the photos and now can't wait to formally arrange a photo album. Loads of people have checked out the website and everyone agrees that the pictures really are very good."

I. G. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thank you, I love the photos, they are fabulous. A great reminder of a fab day, that I want to re-live. I wish we could do it all again.
Thank you for catching lots of laughter as well as the tears!"
K. P. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"We have just seen the photos and are very pleased, a big thanks from us"

M. S. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"We just wanted to thank you once again for taking the photographs at XXX wedding. . It was a perfect day al round and thanks again for your contribution.
You put everyone at their ease and we are sure you have some wonderful shots as a result"

J. H. (Mother of the Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Than you so much, everyone thought you were a star! Many Thanks."

N. G. (Bride)
Wedding PhotographyTestimonial
"Everyone said you were a fantastic photographer and a good laugh! Even my son's who don't know anything about photography said that!
You were fantastic! Thank You!"

D. R. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thanks for your hard work!! The pictures are wonderful and are so many.

Thanks a lot to have enjoyed with us this wonderful moment

The album we really love it!!!!!! The layout is fantastic. It is simply wonderful

Thank you"

E. P (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"We just wanted to say a really huge 'Thank You' for the lovely photos you have given us to remember our wedding day by .... Thankyou so much for your hard work and creativity.
You had a lovely style and approach to people and a number of people have commented how well you did."


R. H. (Bride)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"Dear Dominic THANK YOU SO MUCH! we are sat in an internet cafe in Borneo airport as we were so keen to see the pics from Saturday, and you have truly done us proud!
We are really thrilled with the preview pics, you are a star!!"


V.P. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"WOW Fantastic Shots!!! Thanks for Producing some amazing memories!"

T. S. (Brides Sister)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"I wanted to thank you for all your efforts on our wedding day.

I did notice you working very hard to try and get everything on our wish list, even late on into the evening and this was really appreciated."


D.H. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thanks for your hard work!! The pictures are wonderful and are so many. Thanks a lot to have enjoyed with us this wonderful moment"

P. E. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thrilled with the photos and very impressed by your professionalism and friendly approach."

L. P. (Manager of Centre)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
"We have just seen the photos and are very pleased, a big thanks from us"

M. S. (Groom)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
Photos received today! They are so beautiful, thank you ever so much. I think one forgets how real photos are so much better than the on-screen version!! We're really looking forward to sitting down together with a bottle of vino and sticking them all in the album

V. E. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Just wanted to say again how excellent the pictures are, everyone has been singing the praises of both the pictures and you!"

L. R. ( Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Dominic, there are no words to describe our appreciation of your work!

This is exactly what we wanted, you've catched our inner selves!!!!!!!

This shot is sooooooooo Rock!!!!!!!!!"

B. L. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"Thank you so much for the lovely pictures - you have really captured the mood of the event and its flow beautifully! We love all the portraits too!! And we had such a good laugh at some of the pictures!!
Thank you for capturing our Big Day so well"

Y. I. (Bride)
Wedding Photographer Testimonial
"All the personal touches you have included in the 'package' have made the whole thing enjoyable.
The flexibility you have shown with the package has also been great, as alot of photographers dont so this. We will be recommending you .... you will be remembered as part of the experience and not just a name against another pound sign and some numbers!"


R. O. (Groom)
Wedding Photography Testimonial
If you still need convincing - book yourself a wedding photographer meeting with me, I will be able to show you some recent work and I can have the opportunity to explain my philosophy and approach in my photography, which enables the results you have seen, the praise that you have read and the respect and bookings of almost 250 wedding couples.
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