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Don't forget a camera for your Honeymoon! I'd be happy to give you some good advise at our pre wedding meeting if you like!

On these pages of my wedding website you can order and purchase Photographic Equipment and accessories as well as Wedding Albums

At every wedding I am asked "What camera should I buy?" There is no simple answer, there are many wonderful cameras out there - each particular for one theme or purpose, thus suitable and preferred by each enthusiast. Here are some of the cameras that I would recommend.

You are able to purchase these at some of the UK's cheapest prices (with the added reassurance of a quality supplier like Amazon in the event of fault or warranty repair)
The Photography equipment ranges from 'point and shoot' cameras right up to the professional wedding photography equipment that I use at weddings. I have provided some personal buying advise at the end of this page.

Other reputed photography shops I use include (for expert advice : London Camera Exchange) (and for mail order value - i recommend the award winning :
Warehouse Express ) I also advise considering Amazon - who's 'shop' front is included below

Looking for other wedding related items? (i.e. confetti , flowers, rings, wedding singers and the 'Hog Roast') - look here
£100 - £300

Fuji HS50 EXR

Amazing all in one
£301 - £800

Panasonic FZ1000
Sony RX10 II

Excellent Pocket Cameras
£1501 - £3500

Sony A7R ii
Nikon D5
Canon 1DX II

Pro Cameras
(body only)
£801 - £1500

Olympus EM-1
Canon 5D III

Semi Pro SLR
(body only)
I worked in a camera shop in Bath for almost 2 years whilst I was studying at college (that was a long time ago though!) Since then ive had more cameras, lenses and flash guns then at a press call for a royal wedding paparazzi portrait shoot.

The learning curve is steep, wrong purchases are costly! I've been let down by 2 Canon 'semi pro' 5D's, countless flashguns and numerous disappointing Sigma lenses to now know that quality does count - and all too often mid range models are built inferior in order to elevate the status and prestige of the top of the range cameras! Ive bought more second hand equipment off ebay only to realise why it was 'sold as seen' (and the reason why the person decided to sell it on!) then i care to recount - a once bitten twice shy (that took more than a few incidents for that message to hit home)

Today there are many makes and models and quality is so good, its hard to go wrong. yet there are always models that exceed and outshine the competition. Whether you buy Nikon, Olympus, Canon, or Sony is a personal choice! I personally invest in NIkon for SLRs and Fuji for portable cameras.

Here is my advise:
Pocket Cameras

If its with you it will always be there when you need it - so there is a lot to be said for small portable cameras!
I carry around an 'indestructible' (ie waterproof and drop proof) pocket camera with me at all times - and glad of it I have been countless times!

Small needn't mean a compromise on quality - you can pay more for a portable camera then you can on a car if you like! But as a rule these ought to be the cheaper end of the spectrum!

Prosumer Cameras ('all in one')

For most people an 'all in one' camera is by far the best option. The advantage of a camera with a built in lens that boasts the equivalent of 5 SLR lenses ie maybe a 30x zoom lens (which can be for 20% of the cost of one pro lens and 30% of the weight!) is not to be underestimated! - you will always have it on you and you wont need a ruck sack full of 'might need to have' lenses !
To many SLR enthusiasts this advise will sound like bad advise? - but before you cast criticism or doubt - you ought to see the photos from my 'holiday camera' - The £230
Fuji S20 (sample photos) with its 30x lens has a quality that is a surprising revelation to many! with 24mm wide angle and 720 'Hubbell Telescope' zoom lens and a 5 cm macro facility. Its impressive! Yet admittedly - its not SLR grade - but the quality will suffice for 95% or users for their album, an A4 enlargement for the wall and slideshows on their computer!

Yet if you need speed and accuracy in low light (ie sports or weddings) - you will need to spend maybe 20x this!

SLRs ('Cameras with inter changeable lenses')

If you fancy getting creative with your camera (ie beyond point and shoot) The a SLR is the way forward.
SLRs offer complete manual over ride and creativity.
Interchangeable lenses offer personalisation of the camera - yet they add a massive 'extra costing' and investment (particularly if you invest in good lenses!!!)
Lens options can be over whelming and can lead many photographers to be constantly dissatisfied and saving for a bag full of lenses that they are unable to lift up!
Semi Pro SLRs ('Cameras with inter changeable lenses')

These are often considered for the serious amateur or 'wanna-be-pro' starting out. (and investing in lenses at the same time!)
Semi pro cameras a superior to the budget and entry level yet do not have the build quality and construction of Pro cameras.

Semi pro SLRs can offer a full frame sensor (larger sensors are better as a rule) which will offer full use of your lenses (ie a 24- 70 is this rather than it becoming a 36 - 105 due to magnification common with smaller sensors)

The Canon 5D II is a famous 'semi pro' camera with wonderful features yet (deliberately on Canons part) the build quality is compromised and the ISO senstivity rating, autofocus, and shooting rate noticeably inferior to a Pro camera.

Professional SLRs ('When Quality Counts')

If your using your camera for your work - ie if you are being hired and paid to work for someone - you really need to consider a pro grade camera.
If your livelihood depends on it - you need to be able to depend upon your camera!

A pro bodies will cost £3500 - £6000+ and lenses to match £600 for a basic prime lens to £1400 for the 'basic' zoom lens (24-70 F2.8) & (70-200 ~F2.8) and for prime telephoto lenses ….. sky is the limit.

You dont always get what you pay for - yet the build quality is vastly superior to a semi pro and the entry level models. Usually made of aluminium with shutters that can take 500,000 photos (5x the usual) Ive had a few knocks and drops in the course of my professional career and its true to say - a pro camera can and should withstand these.

I use 2: Nikon D3s and they are superb. The latest Nikon D4 is available now as well as Canon's 1DX (both impressive with a price tag equally so of around £5500 for the body only) If you've this money to spend - I hope you will invest on lenses of an equal quality!

I use 4 lenses mostly for weddings: 100mm Macro F2.8, 24 - 70mm F2.8, 70 - 200mm F2.8, and a 12- 35mm super wide angle lenses.
I have also invested in 5: SB 900 Nikon flash guns and 6 PocketWizard flash triggers, which enable unbelievable creativity and quality!

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