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Wedding Photography Information:

"Capturing the Magic Moments and Personal Details of Your Wedding Day
From Pre Ceremony Preparations to Post Party Celebrations."

Benefiting from the experience of almost 250 booked weddings, I am aware no two weddings are alike, nor are any wedding couples tastes, styles, demands and dreams!. I endeavour to take this on board when documenting your wedding day as your photographer, personalising the reportage and capturing important detail, so that I will take and you will see the images you want in your Wedding Story Book!

It is a privilege to share your wedding day as your wedding photographer, to be entrusted to capture the magic moments of your wedding day!

What ever you choose to invest in your wedding photography, I provide fair and simple (transparent) wedding photographer pricing and adaptable photography packages.

A professional dedicated wedding photographer - competent enough to capture the candid natural moments, whilst being confident and experienced enough to orchestrate your 'must have' portraits and group photography for the photo / canvas for the pride of place above the mantle piece!
Pre Wedding:

During our first meeting, together we will arrange a 'Wedding Photography Package' to suit your individual personal requirements.
It may just be a "DVD with every photograph on it!" or a deluxe 'Book Collection' - with copies for your friends and family.

We'll meet a second time, closer to your wedding date - ideally at your wedding venue to discus your wedding photography requirements, group combinations and to investigate the photo opportunities presented to us at your wedding venue (s). We will use my photographer booklet that I have created especially for this. As no two weddings are alike (nor are the couples!) and as such your personal priorities will also vary! I aim to respond to these - to capture what you wish to see in your wedding photography album!

You can have a complementary 'Portrait Shoot' at the venue if you like. This is useful so you know that you can relax on the day, feeling comfortable in front of the cameras, your in the hand so of an experienced personal and professional!
At Your Wedding:

According to your wedding photography package or chosen hours of coverage (my average wedding is 8 hours photographic coverage) I can photograph the bridal preparations right through until the evening celebrations.

Im dedicated to documenting your day and to attempt to capture all of your 'wished for wedding moments' as well as the 'obligatory' group shots that I will orchestrate and we will have discussed and pre arranged together.
My experience of photographing 250 weddings is invaluable in this!!!

I endeavour to capture as much 'natural reportage' as possible (ie documenting the day as it was, as it happens and unfolds into the evening celebrations) Whilst offering my creativity and experience in arranging the group photographs and some personal portraiture (that wont occupy your afternoon - eating into your valuable wedding day and wearing the patience of your wedding guests!)
Post Wedding:

The 'Originals' are given at full quality to the Wedding couple on 'Master DVD's [plus 2 extra copies for your parents] in a deluxe DVD presentation case

'Reproduction Restrictions' are waived. Your Wedding photographs are copyright free (this means they belong to YOU, rather than the traditional model where the wedding photographer owns your wedding images. The images are soon to become your wedding memories, are yours to keep, share, print, enlarge, upload, frame, email and even 'burn' (aka -'copy') etc..

Wedding Photographs are also provided 'resized' on a 'wallet friendly' credit card sized USB memory card for easy sharing (email ready and web friendly - perfect for using on Facebook) - 4 copies are given to the wedding couple to enable easy sharing.

An online Wedding Photo gallery with password access is available for you, your friends and family to share and enjoy the photographs. (online within 1-3 weeks, and will remain online for a duration of 12 months)

The Wedding Photo Gallery is aligned to a professional print ordering service, offering professional prints on top of the range Kodak Endura paper from under £3.50 each & 'complete sets' of prints from a rapid gallery from just 8pence each! I price my extras at a rate that is not only affordable, but a price that I hope will enable you to invest in your wedding photography and to be able to share it with your nearest and dearest friends and family.

The online wedding photographer slideshow features a special FREE DOWNLOAD facility on each images, enabling your friends and family (and your guests using the password) to download to keep - to 'help themselves' to their photographs.
Professional Wedding Photographer:

Being a Wedding Photographer is my job – a full time job, a vocation. I am a professional Wedding Photographer and I am passionate about it (You have to be - the average wedding week in the summer for me is a 60 hour week)

I Photograph around 30 weddings per year (
restricted) and only accept a maximum of TWO wedding per week during the peak wedding period to assure flexibility, focused coverage and fast processing of your wedding photography gallery, enhancement of the wedding proofs / originals and your handmade Italian wedding album and finished wedding photographs. Most of my wedding photography bookings come via referrals and recommendations. I am very busy during the peak summer months, Some Saturdays during the 'wedding season' can attract over 25 enquiries (ok so this was the 07-07-07! - considerably less for a wednesday wedding in November!)

I its worth planning ahead and contacting me as soon as you have secured your wedding venue and wedding date.

Its as important for me as the wedding photographer as it is for the wedding couple to meet and to choose the person that will be working intimately alongside during the wedding day! (I will spend many days following the wedding immersed in the wedding photos, tweaking and enhancing the images building wedding galleries, creating DVDs and USB keys of all of the wedding images. (its a far more rewarding task when one has gelled with the couple!) A true labour of love!

Its a demanding job, the wedding photographer can often be the centre of the coordination on the wedding day (between venue staff, the chauffeur, toastmaster and the wedding party - often all at the same time!) it takes skill and sensitivity for the wedding photographer to be able to do this delicately without becoming 'bossy' or 'taking over' and adding any stress to those involved.
Professional Wedding Photography Equipment:

I use the finest photographic specialist equipment - using the latest award winning professional
Sony A7RII- famed for their 40 megapixels and high sensitivity in low light conditions, producing photographs that you could enlarge onto a double bed sheet (should you really want to!)

I use 4 Top of the range 2.4 Ghz wireless flash guns (and 4 others that i can ‘zone’ off for use in different rooms within your venue - activating as i walk through :)

Professional equipment that provides the best quality doesn't come cheap - £5000+ for one camera with one lens and a flash gun! I don not compromise on quality, a sentiment wedding couple would e wise to ponder upon when booking their wedding photographer - the images will be all you will have to remember your wedding day with!

One of the most important aspect of wedding photography is a bag full of super sharp fast low light lenses, for all situations. My personal camera bag consists of
Canon 85mm L f1.2 the legendary Zeiss 55mm f1.4 OTUS (the sharpest lens ever commercially made) Of wide angle i use the Sigma Art 18-35mm f1.8 and for tele the Sigma Sport 120-300mm f2.8 (both of which are one strop faster thanks total £600 Metabones speed booster ultra)

I also have a 2nd camera that i use a back up which has its own bag of lenses -
50mm f1.2 and 85mm f1.2 and some specialist macro close up lenses capable of oner 6cx life size magnification (i.e. a photo of the inscription on the inside of your wedding rings!)

I have 2 zoom lenses (all fast at f2.8) covering everything from 14mm (ultra wide angle) to 300mm (super telephoto)
Professional capable equipment does not come cheap - my camera bag is worth in excess of £14,000. There is no venue 'too dark' or restrictions on season that this equipment and an experienced professional photographer cannot deal with.

This is half the story, Then there is the computer to process these wonderful and large full quality wedding images. I use the latest version of CS6 Photoshop (As a professional Photographer this is paid for and licensed) to enhance and flatter your wedding photographs. I have a large colour profiled and calibrated Apple monitor and a computer with 16GB of RAM and my hard drive count is in excess of 16 TB in order to be able to work and preserve and also back up your wedding photographs .

I offer flexible Wedding Photography Packages - starting from 'Images Only Services' (Digital Disk) to 'Tailor-made Wedding Photography Services' which offer complete 'Wedding Photography Packages' with Graphistudio wedding books nabbing your new larger family to be able to enjoy all of the wedding photography!.
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