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Wedding Photography news, updates and Wedding Photographer Promotions. Follow on Twitter, Like on Facebook, Live updates and Blog archives for Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photography. News for Bath weddings and international wedding events.

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100% Extra Pages FREE with Graphistudio Wedding Albums

60 Pages instead of 40 in Graphistudio's "Original Wedding Book"
30 Pages instead of 15 in Graphistudio's "Digital Matted Album"

You can have twice as many images in your album!

Offer available on all booking made before June 1st 2016

See Graphistudio Wedding Book Pages
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New Lens
Carl zeiss OTUS 55mm f1.4

The sharpest lens that i have ever used! (and tested as being ‘ever made’)
At £3200 for a ‘prime’ (non zoom lens) i was obviously expecting this!

Yet i fear many brides will want the images softened! lol!!!
Welcome to my kit bag :)
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FREE Apple iPad

Preloaded with all of your wedding photographs

Book your all day wedding - 'Bridal preparations until the wee hours'
Last Minute Wedding Photographer Bookings and get a free iPad

Apple iPad Wedding Photography Offer

Perfect for viewing your wedding photographs, share, email, print (even design yourself a hardback book and have this printed via Apple!)

Thanks to a special contact within the industry, I am able to provide you a free (reconditioned) Apple iPad (16GB)
This Wedding Photographer promotion / discount offer cannot be used in combination with other wedding photography promotions. (£100 cash alternative)
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Promoted Wedding Dates

Monthly dates with 'last Minute' or 'late availability' or promoted availability

A list of the Saturday wedding dates with not only availability but a promotion on them!

See promoted wedding photographer wedding dates
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Free Graphistudio Wedding Book - Cover upgrade

Free Deluxe Cover Upgrade when you book a Graphistudio Wedding Book as part of your wedding photography package

Silk / Metal / Leatherette / Transparent Graphistudio Cover Options

Book before June 1st

See Graphistudio Wedding Books
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Wedding Suppliers Directory

Discounts on flowers, Hen Nights, Wedding Favours, Honeymoons …..

Ive also listed my recommended cameras (as so many people ask for my advise 'Which camera Should I buy?"

Visit my Suppliers / LINKS Page
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Spring 2016 Wedding Photography Offers
Autumn 2016 Wedding Photography Offers

Wedding Photography Package UPGRADE on ALL Spring Wedding Bookings
Autumn 2016 / 2017 (September & October) Weddings : Autumn Wedding Discount
Spring 2016 / 2017 (March & April) Weddings : Spring Wedding Discount

Special Booking Promotion on ALL Autumn Wedding Events in 2016

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£100 - £150 Discount on Weekday Weddings, Winter Weddings & 'Last Minute' Weddings

Discounts or a large wedding photography package upgrades

Winter Weddings run from November - March
Weekday weddings include Sunday! (i.e. ALL non Saturday wedding events!) as well as all midweek dates (Monday - Friday)
Last Minute Wedding / Late availability includes all wedding dates - 100 days prior to the wedding event.

Weekday Weddings £100 discount or a bigger better wedding photography package:
Winter Weddings £100 discount or a bigger better wedding photography package:
Last Minute Weddings £150 discount or an extra enhanced wedding photography package:
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Wedding Availability and 'Last Minute' Wedding Photographer Availability

I have created a wedding photography website with pages detailing my Wedding Availability - to see 'Last Minute' Wedding Photographer availability pages ('Last Minute' is 3 months prior to an event) and the Wedding Photography offers available (£150 discount or a considerable Wedding Photography Package enhancement)

Visit my new Wedding Availability website;
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21% Discount in Graphistudio Prices

21% Reduction in Prices of Graphistudio Books
A recent decision by the Government not to charge VAT on photo albums in the UK means a saving of 21%
Pocket Copies (Paperback Copies) are now priced from £3.33 each !
This 21% reduction in Graphistudio prices - is a saving I have chosen to pass to my new Graphistudio customers booking from 1st April 2012!

Graphistudio Wedding Book Price: Graphistudio Book Prices
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Wireless Flashes

Ive just invested in 5 extra (I've now 8 top-of-the-range flashguns!) Wireless 2.4Ghz TTL Flashguns
With a Wireless capability range of hundreds of meters

I am able to control the flashes independently from my camera (i.e. a flash in another room in the bar - 2 around the dance floor, 2 flash units surrounding the head table [yet be able to power these down when the best man stands up for his speech!] and arranging 2 - 3 others in the reception room to illuminate [at choice] and 'bring in' the background of the venue and wedding guests! and still have others poised in strategic positions to bring in when needed! Obtaining incredible 3D lighting using off camera flashes

With this top of the range highly capable set up - winter weddings wont even be a challenge!
Having photographed 6 different castles as wedding venues this last season - im aware that light is more of an issue than the average optimistic enthusiast would have you believe and 7 flashguns isn't even indulgent! (cor blimey its expensive though! - just one single Canon flash retail at £670 )

Im really impressed with them! - Canons Professional Flash pages: here
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Tour of the Graphistudio Album production Facilities in Pordenone Italy

Im very grateful for my personal tour of the Graphistudio Production Facilities at their Head Quarters yesterday!

I saw an incredible forthcoming range of Wedding Albums / Books!
I spent a little over hour in the facilities (after the journey there in that heat - any less would have been crazy!)

Im certainly enthused by Graphistudio's Wedding Book Products!
See Graphistudio's 2012 range:
See my Graphistudio Wedding Photography Packages here

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My Wedding Photography Facebook account is finally online and I promise (to try) to update it regularly!

Wedding Fair Events
Preview Wedding Photography Galleries
Wedding Photography Promotions

...... Time permitting! ;)

Visit my Facebook Wedding Photographer Page
Visit my Facebook Wedding Photography Page
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3x: Nikon D3s ?

Everyone complains about the inconvenience of snow - Yet for yesterdays wedding .... OMG
For me it was a disaster! - I had to go out and spent £3500 due to the snow holding up the postman!!!!

One of my Nikon D3s was supposed to be enroute via a courier from NIKON (a service - fortunately fast tracked with my Nikon NPS Nikon Professional Service) yet by 10am it hadn't arrived and I was checking on the courier's website, it hadnt even arrived in the dispatching depot. Snow was everywhere - as was chaos. A veritable 'Winter Wonderland!'

I had to go to my local camera shop London Camera Exchange (fortunately a Nikon Pro Dealer) and buy an additional D3s Body! (Christmas came early for them that morning!)

2 Nikon Pro Bodies is luxury, whilst 3 is ... extravagant? (someones going to get a bargain on Ebay next week!)

I dont work with one camera - twice ive been grateful for the 2nd body when the 'unforeseen' raises its ugly head!

I arrived at the wedding on time, my tiny Smart Car having acting more as a sledge than a car, skidding and sliding in the country lanes around Bradford On Avon, where the bridal preparations had been. On one particular hill - bobsledding sideways on a rather exhilarating decent - "just get me to the church on time" ringing in my ears!
I later shared this story with the wedding couple, and confessed, I wasn't going to earn anything that day! (or the other weddings in December!)
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Wedding Promotions, Special Offers & Wedding Photographer Offers for Weekday and Winter Weddings

I have created a wedding photography website for all of the wedding promotions that I offer.

This new wedding website lists the wedding photographer promotions and offers available on wedding photography bookings and now point to these pages on my new photography promotions website.

I offer wedding photography package enhancements for 'Weekday Weddings' (all non Saturday Weddings!) WeekdayWedding
'Winter Weddings' (November - pre March) are also eligible for Wedding Package enhancements and promotions: Winter Wedding
Wedding Photography
Photographer Check List
Winter Wedding Discounts
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer
Sample Wedding
Bath Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography
International Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer
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Winter Weddings

Winter Wedding Photographer Promotion:
(excluding bank holidays - for 'advance wedding bookings') special promotion of £150 discount or free album, touch-tablet and many other offers

November - February incl.

Weekday Weddings

Weekday Wedding Photographer Promotion:
Includes non Saturday Weddings
(excluding bank holidays - for 'advance wedding bookings') = £100 Discount or gifts

Sunday - Friday incl.

Spring Weddings

Spring Wedding dates are entitled to a
Wedding Photographer special promotional enhanced wedding photography packages upgrades on album, prints, coverage and free gifts

March - April incl.