Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photography

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100% Extra Pages Free
On 'All Day' Wedding Bookings
made before June 1st = 80 Pages

Complete Wedding Photography Package: with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g:
Coverage of everything and an XL album to store all of the wonderful wedding memories in!
80 Page Graphistudio Wedding Book, Storage Case, 5 DVDs, 3 DVDs Box Sets,
4: USB and Online Gallery

My best Wedding Photography Package provides EVERYTHING that you could want or will conceivably need!
(as well as the photographic requirements of your friends and family!)

  • "All Day" Coverage (from preparations until the early wee hours!)
  • © Copyright Ownership of all your wedding photographs
  • 80 Page* Graphistudio Wedding Book
  • (or Graphistudio 20 Page Graphistudio Digital Matted Album)
  • Deluxe Cover Upgrade (Silk, Metal, Leatherette or Transparent Cover)
  • Graphistudio Storage Case
  • 5 Copies of the DVD (images at high resolution to share)
  • 3 DVD Box Sets (3 extra copies for parents / sharing)
  • 4 USB Credit Cards of all the wedding images
  • Online Gallery with free download facility (online for 12 months)

This is my best wedding photographer package - offering the greatest provisions, whilst also bing the best value. The individual provisions of time and album and extra enhancements will save hundreds of pounds!

  • * = 100% Extra Free Pages for packages booked before June 1st 2016 (receive 80 rather than 40 pages)

The philosophy underpinning my approach to my wedding photography is 'to treat others as I would like (and will expect myself!) to be treated'. This is a a refreshing approach for a professional wedding photographer!

I provide a wedding photography package based upon principles of simplicity and a very important consideration; 'You own your own wedding images'

The complete reportage of your wedding day belongs to the wedding couple (jpegs to the photographer are the Wedding Memories of each wedding couple that I photograph) For this reason I like to 'work' upon (improve, enhance and balance) all the wedding photographs (and not just the a selection that are given to the couple (as is commonly the case of "400 images) the ones that go online on the wedding gallery)

I deliver every image (read as precious 'memories') captured on the day to the wedding couple.

The 2nd principle is that I go 'out of my way' to enable the wedding couple, their family, wedding guests and friends to
view, access, share, copy and download the wedding images for free - without © Copyright and reproduction restrictions - for these are your wedding images! to share, upload, print, circulate and even 'burn' [DVD]

As well as providing 5 copies of all of your images at FULL quality, as well as
3 DVD Box Sets I also resize and sharpened the images so they are ready for email, web and Facebook use and provide 5 copies of these for you on USB credit cards (x4 USB) - enough for the wedding couple, wedding party and for friends to circulate and share!)

Your wedding photography gallery will be online in around 2-3 weeks and will remain online for a year. There is a free download facility for your friends and family to enjoy the wedding photos also!

As a full time photographer dedicated solely to Wedding Photography (for 9 years) You can be sure that I will provide you with the finest image quality using the best photographic cameras, lenses and flashes (that will enable incredible things!) and most importantly - my creativity, experience and time!. I devote usually 5 to 8 days after the wedding to your images and the gallery production. (Hence this is a full time job and a labour of love!)

I am only too happy to share and enable you to
share your wedding images (and my handiwork as a photographer) I offer simple print bundles of all of the images in the gallery on postcard sized prints (1000 Wedding photos) from 7.5 - 15 pence each (with extra sets from 8p each!) I also offer a professional print service with prints from £3.50 - £8.50 enlargements (with discounted print bundles)

When you book my wedding photography services you also are securing ownership of your images. I do not seek to gain additional money from couples after the wedding, taking advantage of their desire to have their wedding images, print and share them! Instead i wish to support the wedding couples idea of sharing their wedding photos with friends and family via providing an affordable and a non exploitative wedding photography prices.

Wedding images are given to the wedding couple in every current popular format, (and resized to take advantage of the best quality) to enable easy printing and emailing and facilitate simple sharing!. All wedding photographs are provided on DVD Disks at full quality, on USB keys resized to email / Facebook / web use resolution and also available Online (with an integrated free download facility)

I provide multiple copies of DVD and USB - I
"go out of my way" to enable and facilitate the ease access and the joy of simplicity in being able to share your wedding photographs - So they are a gift not only for you, but also your friends, family and wedding guests to enjoy the wedding images.

The most popular wedding photography packages and photographer services from £745 - £2015 can be seen here
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'Complete' Photographic Reportage

Professional experienced wedding photographer in attendance - to cover the "Entire Event"

- Photographic coverage from pre-ceremony preparations , wedding ceremony, portraits, celebrations and festivities, the wedding breakfast, cutting of the wedding cake, the first dance and well into the nights entertainment, mirth and merriment!
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Graphistudio Wedding Book

The deluxe 'Original Wedding Book' or the new innovative stylish 'Digital Matted Album'

- The '
Original Wedding Photo Book' is offered with ( 80 * ) thick photographic pages
- The Graphistudio '
Digital Matted Album' has ( 20 * ) assorted pages (papers and finishes) inside each book

* 100% Extra Pages Free for bookings made before June 1st 2015
(usually : Graphistudio Wedding Book (60 pages) and Digital Matted Album (20 pages)
Extra Pages are offered at the lowest prices (from £3 each / £7 each) to enable wedding couples to choose the photographs that they want - with the pages to accommodate them!)

Deluxe Cover - Printed with your chosen image (cover options include Silk, Metal and Leatherette at no extra charge)

Optional Matching Suitcase for £25 / Sleeve for £35
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© Copyright Free Ownership
Complete Ownership of YOUR Wedding Images

'Reproduction Royalty Free'

Images are provided prepared and ready as JPEGs on both DVD at full quality
(can be provided at the full 22 megapixel if required for ginormous print size ability)

Wedding Photographs are also resized on
USB and Online with FREE gallery image download facility)
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DVD All Images
(High Resolution - Full Quality DVD disks containing all of the wedding photographs)

+1 Copy on DVD of all of your wedding images
2 Extra copies for your parents
+2 Extra Copy to circulate between friends and family

Additional Disk containing all the 'other' images captured (read as 'our Wedding Memories') including the 'extras' not featuring in the online gallery are included for the wedding couple.
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DVD Box Set & Presentation Cases
Deluxe Double Case in Black or White

3 x DVD Presentation Cases & Box Sets

1 DVD Case - for the Wedding Couple
2 extra DVD Box Sets for your parents

Available in Black or White (with matching box sets)
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USB Memory Sticks
(Low Resolution - Resized - Web Ready / Email Compatible)

4 copies on USB 'Credit Card' sized memory cards - for 'Simple Sharing')

Especially created to enable easy sharing resized and sharpened for Facebook / email / web use.

2 USB memory 'Credit Cards' for '"Squabble Free Access" The Bride & Groom - 'His & Hers' copies

+2 extra copies USB Credit Cards - 'Best Man' &' Bridesmaid'
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Online Photo Gallery

400 - 1000+ wedding photos on 'state of the art' online Photo Gallery
(works with iPad & iPhone & other digital devises as well as internet connected computers)

Wedding Gallery will remain
Online for 12 Months

(1) Preview Gallery (online usually in 7 - 21 days)
(2) Complete Gallery (400 -1000 photographs) with
Password Protected access

  • Free Download Facility
You can download wedding images from the photography gallery and save them for using and sharing

  • Slideshow Facility
view your wedding photographs in a large on-screen slideshow (you can even supply your own music for the gallery!)

  • Email Photos directly from the Gallery as 'post cards' to invite friends and family to view your photos

  • Social Media Aligned Facebook …...
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Wedding Photography Package Price

£2016 * ("All Day" ** Professional Photographer attendance + Graphistudio Wedding Album + Storage Case + 5 DVDs, 3x Box Sets + 4 USB Credit Cards + © Free Gallery with free image download facility)

* Wedding Photographer Prices are Fully Inclusive (There is no VAT or hidden charges to pay)
* Wedding Photography Package prices relate to all Wedding Photographer bookings made in 2016 (for 2016 / 2017+ Wedding events)
Discounts are available for Weekday & Winter Weddings as well as Late Availability / 'Last Minute' promotions:
** All Day is considered to be up to 12 hours (beyond 12 hours coverage (which is offered for free) will be provided whenever possible, yet for health and safety, sanity and humanity sake - the photographers accommodation will be appreciated for coverage behind 12 hours !)
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Optional Extras

2 Hardback copies
of your Graphistudio Wedding Book = £129
30 paperback copies
of your Graphistudio Wedding Book = £100
Everything in Print : 6" x 4" prints = £150 - Additional sets £100

My approach as a wedding photographer is one that acknowledges that each photograph that I have been entrusted as the wedding photographer to capture is a wedding memory for the wedding couple and is therefore precious and cherished. For this reason I provide full ownership, with no (C) Copyright restrictions or 'Reproduction Royalties'. The Wedding Photographs belong to the couple to print, to publish, to copy and to share.

Wedding couples can book a 'Digital Wedding Photography' package, and have the option to choose to have their wedding images presented in Wedding Books / Albums after the wedding (These can be purchased at the list price for up to 12 months from the wedding date. - Perfect to assist with budgeting!)

Complete wedding coverage is offered as standard (with ownership of ALL images taken therein) Full 7 - 12 hours+ Photographer attendance (extendable for full reportage of preparations until late, well into the evening celebrations and festivities) is also offered and encouraged!

Winter Weddings
£100 Discounts & Promotional Upgrades

Wedding Availability
£100 Discounts & Promotional Upgrades

Weekday Weddings
£100 Discounts & Promotional Upgrades

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