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I have been a professional wedding photographer since 2004.
During these 12 years, I have been entrusted with the wedding photography for well
over 250 weddings.
My gallery has a photography preview gallery for each of my most recent weddings.

I work as a full time wedding photographer, based in Bath (Somerset - England) I undertake up to a
maximum of 24 weddings a year. This restriction on numbers is essential, if I am to remain flexible with each wedding couples plans and having time to meet with couples at the venue prior to their wedding day, when we will plan your photography. Then after the wedding, being able to devote the week to preparing your wedding images and building wedding galleries so your friends and family can view and download their images (for free of course!)

Being dedicated solely to weddings, I am able to prepare all of the wedding couple's images on online galleries and all of the wedding photography delivered on a series of DVDs and resized for easy sharing, web use, Facebook and emailing. I provide these already resized, web optimised and sharpened on usb credit cards - a pair for the wedding couple (for what i call "squabble free access") and another pair to circulate amongst your friends and family so they can also enjoy, benefit and share (print, blog, post, tweet and even 'burn' ....) their favourites

Being a wedding photographer requires great tact, sensitivity, organisational and people skills, as well as the obvious creative photographic skills and technical expertise!.
Making people 'feel comfortable' in order to 'bring the best out of them' is a real art and an essential skill in order to be a successful wedding photographer.

Many of the wedding couples who I photograph claim to be 'camera shy' This very common sentiment translating as they 'don't feel comfortable in front of the camera' or that they may do not like how they look in photographs or quite simply know that they look their best when in a more natural situation (thats me also!) This is not a problem if you are hiring a professional wedding photographer, who with a lot of experience in group and portrait photography (importantly in a wedding photography context, when time is finite, and guests can feel under pressure, duress and possibly if not handles correctly - 'stress')

A professional photographer will ease this entire process, making it fun. It is a wedding celebration after all and not a trip tot the dentist of a root canal. Alas I hear that many couples have experienced their booked photographer taking over, or vanishing into the wall paper, too nervous or incapable of managing and orchestrating a group of 150 celebrating guests (no easy task i assure you!) Under these circumstances a proficient wedding photographer will effortlessly enable the group shots and portraits, and be capable of producing that 'must have photo' for grand ma's mantlepiece, the family group shot for the parents, a fun photo of the friends and some elegant and beautiful photos of the wedding couple (as well as portraits of the bride that the new husband will cherish and appreciate for many years to come!)

Its vital that your wedding photographer is a person who you feel comfortable sharing your day with!

A useful analogy would be a to consider visit to an artists studio for a day long portrait painting, or putting yourself in the hands of a new hairdresser. Trust, belief in their ability, their experience, their portfolio and their manner, sense of humour and friendliness will all add up to how comfortable you will feel (and how you are feeling will be very evident in the artist portrait!) The manner of the photographers approach, their sensitivity and the awareness of the wedding days plans as they unfolds before us is vital. Working the fine balance of non invasive, whilst also respectfully facilitating and guiding the wedding party, friends and family through the 'must have' wedding photograph group shots.

Being professional and able to organise and arrange groups for your photography, as well as capturing the natural, more relaxed reportage are 2 essential components. To me with the experience of 250 wedding couples - that is 500 individuals and up to 2000 parents with their own wishes, demands and hopes, its also obvious! One wouldn't expect to have to choose

There is far more to being a (successful) wedding photographer than mere technical camera skills and a camera bag fill of shinny glass costing as much as a small house. Creativity and people skills are as valuable as technical photographic competence!. Thanks to my 10 years wedding photography experience, I can provide you with all of these skills and the fundamental qualities that you should be seeking and expecting from a competent, qualified, capable and experienced wedding photographer.

I take great pride and care when working as a wedding photographer. I am very proud of the feedback praise and thanks that I receive. My wedding
Testimonials page contains extracts from many of the letters, thank-you cards, honeymoon postcards and feedback that as a wedding photographer I have received. It is a sheer privilege to share and to photographs a couples wedding day. A responsibility that I take very seriously and undertake conscientiously!

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There is an great deal of work after the wedding too - tuning and colour correcting images (in front of a huge professional colour calibrated Apple monitor) creating an online gallery of the photos, converting files to Jpeg (for universal use) and copying the wedding images to DVD for the wedding couple, copies for their families, resizing images for the USB keys for easy sharing, ordering prints from my Pro Lab or designing their wedding books.

All this is undertaken with the aim of minimal delay - as a full time Professional Wedding Photographer, I am aware of the time it takes to undertake a wedding as well as what is entailed post wedding. For this reason I do not juggle my wedding photographer responsibility with a 'day job' - which would only inevitably compromise the quality and the promptness of delivering you your wedding photographs.

Couples usually receive the online gallery within 7 -14 days of their wedding and the DVDs and USB keys are usually awaiting their return from their honeymoon (2 - 3 weeks from their wedding date) Long gone are the days when id accept 3 weddings in a weekend or even 2 in a day (tried that twice)

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I have been a photographer as long as I can remember! So I do not believe I 'became a photographer' - rather the camera has always been the tool with which I saw the world and was able to relate and share my experience and interpretation of it.

Whilst at school the small windowless guest bathroom was my photography dark room, where I would develop my own black & white films. Learning the photography skills in a pre-digital era is certainly the way to acquire a skill!. Later I worked in a camera shop in Bath whilst I was a student at Bath College. Later I studied Communication & Media Studies Nottingham Trent University.

Prior to my photographic career, I worked in Charity Fundraising & Events Organaiser for a number of charities in London and later in Bristol as the Fundraising and Event Manager for The Terrance Higgins Trust (SW) .

I can relate to the challenge and trials that present themselves organising a great event!

I worked for 4 years as a public speaking coach and trainer. Working with almost 800 individuals throughout the UK, notably in Bristol, London Regents College and Bath Spa University. In these workshops I learned the essential skills of assisting people to feel comfortable in front of a camera (I used to video each person with a large s-VHS camera, so they would be able to witness and experience 'what we had seen') Assisting attendees to 'find their voice' and to feel comfortable in front of a group, aware of the fine line between nervousness and excitement!.

I can certainly relate to the daunting prospect of the after Dinner "Speeches!"

I became skilled at using the camera in a non intrusive way. A skill that is invaluable as a wedding photographer!. You can be sure that I wont add to any stress or anxiety on your wedding day with my camera or acting insensitively!

Your wedding photographer should be an ally and an asset with experience not an intrusion!

I now focus on quality, and investing 100% of my time, energy and self on the day and the week after. I limit my weddings to 25 per year .Gone are the days when I undertook 3 weddings in a weekend, (i did this twice - never again!!!) even 2 in a day (i somehow managed to do that twice also!) and 45 in a year. You can certainly rely on me to provide you the best photographic service possible, and undertake this in the most pleasant and effective manner that is possible by a wedding photographer.

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International Wedding photographer

I also undertake a number of
international weddings every year - I really enjoy the cultural variation on what one can easily consider to be the 'traditional' and 'standard' custom in a wedding ceremony. I have a great fascination in the variety of wedding ceremonies and traditions.

To date I have photographed more than
60 international weddings. I have photographed weddings in Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Guernsey, America and even a Maori wedding in New Zealand.

It is my ambition to be able to photograph (& experience) every different cultural wedding ceremony before I retire (when my fingers are too arthritic to squeeze a trigger or weak to wield a large piece of prime optics - (so I've got another 40 years to go until then!)

I enjoy travel photography and to date have visited 40 countries and lived and worked a number of these long enough to be able to understand the culture, customs and alternative ways of life. I enjoy attempting to capture the cultural diversity in my photography and daily differences on what constitutes normal life! I am currently working on my travel photography website:, which details many states in India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Japan, America, Egypt, Fiji, Indonesia, Thailand and many more culturally abundant and diverse rich street scenes and awe inspiriting landscapes.

The same approach of cultural observation, with sensitive documentary style coverage, is very much evident in my style and approach to my wedding photography, where I endeavour to capture each wedding couples wedding day, as it unfolds, whilst also being sensitive to the difference and unique nature of each couple's planned wedding and celebrations.
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Bath Wedding Photographer

I photograph weddings throughout the South West - Including weddings in Bath, Bristol, Berkely, Bradford on Avon, Frome, Lacock ..... and far far beyond! - A quick glimpse at my wedding photography
gallery will reveal weddings throughout the UK as well as in Bath, where I have been based for the vast majority of my life.

Please contact me to discus your wedding photographer requirements once you have booked your Bath wedding venue. I would be happy to create a special wedding photography promotion for you - unique to the fact that your wedding is conveniently in Bath. As a wedding photographer I can recommend many places for us to visit for portraits and group photographs - for Bath is one of the top photogenic places in the south west, in England and possibly Europe (4 million day visitors a year can't be wrong!)

There are many fabulous wedding venues in Bath - A delight for a wedding photographer to live and work with! Here are a list of the most popular
Wedding Venues in Bath and the surrounding area. Bath is the perfect city for your wedding and 'picture perfect' pleasure for a competent and creative wedding photographer!

Bath boasts a fantastic array of skilled photographers. Dominic Kerridge Wedding Photography is among the the most competent and creative wedding photographers in Bath. Yet this is a subjective opinion - see my 250 weddings on my gallery and read some of the many wedding photography testimonials from couples who seem to agree!
Wedding Photographer in Bath
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